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  Feeling overwhelmed & don't know where to start with protecting your business?     

What if there was a solution?


The Legal Know Membership

Special Launch Pricing is $970 or $97/month you get all this:

 Contract Templates Library (2 monthly w/monthly plan)
 Monthly Legal Courses
 Monthly Expert Calls
 Online Community & Network 
 Business Strategy Call  [BONUS]
 Legal Audit [BONUS]

 *No risk 30 day money back guarantee*

Full price gains access to the full template library at one time, versus 2/month. 

Value = $30,000/yr


 Take a look at what people have said...

"I have been pushing off registering my business with the state for as long as possible. Every time I researched things on my own I was overwhelmed with information and lawyer lingo. I ended up not only being more confused than before but also more discouraged to get started. 

I now feel informed and confident to register my business and beginning this entrepreneur journey"



"I wasn't sure what I needed to do first for my business. Attorney Lauren provided resources & information that laid out everything clearly  It's apparent that she actually cares and wants to truly educate people because she told me what I needed and also made sure I understood all my options and in a way that wasn't overwhelming. I saved thousands of dollars in potential mistakes. 



"The LLC course was perfect for preparing me to apply for my LLC. I had no idea about the process & how to deal with government documents. The course was brief & concise, yet had valuable information & tips which kept me from making a costly mistake. I will definitely make The Legal Know my first stop for help with processes and documents needed as I grow my business." 



Are you tired of feeling...


Overwhelmednot knowing the where to get started

 Confused intimidated by the Legal Jargon

Worried trying to avoid costly mistakes

There has to be a Better Way!


Thank goodness,

We have the perfect solution.

The Legal Know Membership

>> Contracts & Legal Documents Library

>> On-Demand Legal Courses (new topics monthly)

>> Monthly Coaching Calls with a Legal Expert

>> Monthly Training from Business Experts

>>  Easy to understand legal topics-No Legal Jargon

>>  Save thousands of dollars & Have Peace of Mind

>> A community of like-minded entrepreneurs to network with!


Paint a picture of their problem.

How do they feel?

Why is this such a big problem

Take it a step farther.

What aggravates the problem?

There has to be a better way.

Trust Worthy Legal Resources at your Fingertips!

Why is this the best option?


Access to up-to-date legal resources 

 Fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney

Attorney created resources you can trust

 Access it from anywhere at any time


Your Business is Important, Protect It!




✓ Have peace of mind

✓A reliable go-to legal resource

✓ Your time back

✓ An affordable legal option

Wondering what's included?

Take a peek inside..

Contract Templates & Legal Documents

What if it took you 5 minutes to create a new contract? You answered a questionnaire & within minutes you had your custom contract for your brand. 

What does it include:

 Auto-filled contract templates

 Unlimited access to growing contract library

 Legal documents such as cease & desist templates & trademark responses included

 Attorney created & backed

$22,500 Value

kajabi template
kajabi template

 Monthly Legal Courses

Legal topics made easy with 45min or less step-by-step instructions. A new course drops monthly. You will have access to the full library as it grows.

Topic areas that will be covered:

 LLC Setup/Creation

 File a Trademark-The Basics**

 Contracts-What you need to Know**

 Negotiations-The Art of Winning the Deal**

 Nonprofit-How to Leverage A nonprofit**

 Filing a Trademark-Next Level**

$18,000 Value

Community & Monthly Expert Calls

Elevator pitch of main component and why they need it right now.

What does it include:

 Online community & network with other entrepreneurs

 Opportunities to promote your business & get feedback

Monthly calls with other a business expert on various business topics

 Access to previous expert calls in the library

$2500 Value

kajabi template

Get All This Amazing Resources


You may be wondering...

And if you order now you'll get extra...



Legal Audit

This is a powerful tool to help pinpoint where you are in your business. Based on where you are, this helps determine the general legal risks and vulnerabilities you may be open to. The best part, it will only take 2 minutes of your time. Afterwards, you will receive a pdf with your results within minutes.

$250 Value


100% Money Back Guarantee

If you scroll through The Legal Know and don't love the strategies, tools, and resources I share inside...& haven't used more than 2 products...

I'll refund your money. No questions asked.

All you need to do is send us an email within 30 days of purchase, and I'll give you back your investment, making this decision SUPER safe and a NO-BRAINER!

Try the membership risk free! If you don't absolutely love The Legal Know Membership, I'll refund your money and even let you keep any products you've accessed. Please note if it is more than 2, you may cancel, but you will not be issued a refund. 

Sounds more than fair right?

Hey there,

I'm Lauren A. Morgan, Esq. 


I'm an attorney, entrepreneur & boss babe just like yourself. But most importantly, I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs gain clarity in their business & legal solutions. Out of which came the idea for The Legal Know.  I'd love the chance to help you too with this resource hub. 



✓ Being confident & in control of your decision-making & overall business strategy. 

✓Reclaiming your time & money to focus on your sphere of genius!

✓Reducing legal expenses, risk of lawsuits, & building a stronger reputation in the marketplace