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Contract templates, checklists, step-by-step instructional videos and guidelines to help you safeguard your business so you can build a stronger, smarter and more successful brand from the start.


The Legal Know Website Bundle


You’re a savant in your particular zone of genius. Make sure your innovative ideas and trendsetting goldmine is protected. 

Avoid the hassle of loopholes due to unclear terms and failed transactions with The Legal Know Website Bundle. 

Our website bundle is a one-time investment for all of your state, federal, and international terms of service and privacy policies. A comprehensive template, built to comply with regulatory agencies, ADA, state, federal and European Union's GDPR laws. 

Included in The Legal Know Website Bundle:

Step-by-step instructions with screenshots to guide you through tailoring your website bundle to your brand or business.
Terms of Service & Privacy Policies that will protect website visitors and your business, explaining to visitors the information you collect & what you will do with that information for safe and secure browsing while building trust.
Peace of mind and the confidence that your business and your website visitors are protected.  

Service Agreement Template


You work hard to deliver exceptional results in your service-based business. Make sure you have a service agreement that sets expectations for you and the clients you serve. 


Your service agreement should establish the who, what, how and when of your relationship. 


Our service agreement template will help you clearly define:


  • Payment terms and expectations

  • How late payments are handled 

  • Recourse for a dissatisfied customer

  •  How to handle an unexpected delay in delivery due to an unexpected event + more


Protect your business and your bank account using our service agreement template.

Operating Agreement Template


If you’re operating your business with blinders on, it’s time to correct your vision!


An Operating Agreement is the agreement between you and your business, required by most states to ensure the statute requirements are met and upheld. 


Our Operating Agreement template will help establish perimeters that answer the following questions: 

  • What happens if the business wants to add a member? 

  • What happens when there is a disagreement between members? 

  • How are assets split? 


Make sure you have a plan in place prior to these events occuring. Our Operating Agreement will help you.  Please note, if you have a corporation, you will use by-laws instead of an operating agreement.

Independent Contractor Agreement Template

Hiring independent contractors to provide a set of services for your business? Protect your time & your energy with an IC agreement that covers all the bases.

Our Independent Contractor Agreement outlines the scope of the agreement between your company and the contractor workers you’ve hired, defining the relationship, responsibilities and roles of all parties involved.

What’s Included: 

An outline of services that should be provided
The payment plan
How intellectual property is handled
Necessary disclaimers and releases as needed


Confidentiality/NDA Agreement Template

Establish a confidential relationship from the onset!


Our Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement protects your ideas, systems and processes from being used without your permission before, during and after you’ve established a relationship with a business partner, independent contractor or potential investor. Once you share, they are now legally bound not to discuss anything that’s shared between parties.


Here’s What Included: 


  • Description of Confidential Information

  • Obligations of all parties

  • Exclusion and Terms of Non-Disclosure

  • Clearly Defined Consequences For a Breach


Custom Products Agreement

Coaching Agreement

Licensing Agreements



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