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Let us equip you with the right legal infrastructure!

All About Us


For lawyers, the law is what we live and breathe. For entrepreneurs, it’s your business. 


The Legal Know is an online educational platform that provides legal templates, checklists, step-by-step instructions and video courses on various topics to protect business owners while providing a legally sound foundation for growth. 

Created with savvy entrepreneurs like you in mind, you can rest assured that...

You’re in the right place to protect your business. 

Our legal contracts are optimized for startups.

We enable you to seamlessly navigate the day-to-day “messiness” of running a business the legit way.

We are always working on your behalf behind the scenes, so you can have the freedom to work on your business.

About Us

“I don't fear failing, I know I will always figure out some way to make it happen.”

A tenacious powerhouse from the start,  Lauren Morgan graduated from high school at the age of twelve and by the age of sixteen, she was a college graduate running her first nonprofit.   

Born in Memphis but raised in Chicago, Lauren grew up in a lower-middle class family that instilled in her a foundation of faith and a heart for service. Long before she decided to practice law, she was very clear about her desire to be of service, often finding creative ways to help those around her.

Although she took a bit of a detour, it wasn’t long before opportunity and purpose were on a collision course that led her back to school to pursue her law degree. That same tenacious spirit gave her the fortitude to complete law school in two years, passing the bar on the first try. 

In 2017, Lauren exited Corporate America to blaze new trails, starting her own law firm in Phoenix, Activated Law. Voted one of the “Top 10 Solo Firms in AZ,” Lauren has continued to defy gravity while leading with faith. 

Today, she is empowering startup business owners and creative entrepreneurs to protect their brands and their peace of mind with educational legal resources, contract templates and tools via The Legal Know.

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