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The Legal Know is an online educational platform that provides a trusted and accessible resource for start businesses and entrepreneurs to have affordable and credible legal resources to protect their business. 

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Receive the coverage needed to cover your business online, we provide a variety of Agreement Templates to ensure you can rest knowing your business is covered.

Service Agreement Template

Operating Agreement Template


Protect My Peace

Peace of Mind Without the Legal Fees.

Contract templates, checklists, step-by-step instructional videos and guidelines to help you safeguard your business so you can build a stronger, smarter and more successful brand from the start.

Protect My Pockets

You Deserve to Have a Legal Mind In Your Back Pocket, Even If You Can’t Afford to Have One On Retainer.

You don’t just start a business to make money - you start it because you have an idea, vision, or passion that you want to share with the world. 


At The Legal Know, we’ll give you the tools to protect your intellectual property, eliminate the overwhelm of legal jargon and avoid costly mistakes by providing affordable, accessible and reliable educational resources so you can get back to the things that bring you joy!

Show Me How

Entrepreneurship Can Be Hard. We’ve Made Protecting Your Business Easy! 

With fully customizable contract templates, agreements, policies and procedures + more;  you can create a legally sound infrastructure that allows you to move forward confidently and fully protected.

The Legal Know Website Bundle

You’re a savant in your particular zone of genius. Make sure your innovative ideas and trendsetting goldmine is protected. 

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Hi, You Guys! Lauren Here.

When I became an attorney, my only desire was to serve others. As I began to build a successful law firm, my longing to help as many people as possible grew but my time...well, that was limited.  

The more I worked with current and prospective clients, the more it became clear to me that while every business longs to be protected legally, not everyone has the means to do so, especially when you’re just getting started. That’s when I decided to use my legal prowess to build a resource that would help a multitude of service providers and creative entrepreneurs protect their peace and their dreams.  Hence, The Legal Know!



You work hard to deliver exceptional results in your service-based business. Make sure you have a service agreement that sets expectations for you and the clients you serve. 

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